Nylon No. 5 K-grade

High-strength tape used in shoe zippers, backpacks and travel bags.
Tape No. 5 with coil zipper, with K-grade, is a highly-specialized zipper tape designed to carry heavy loads.
It is used in products which are exposed to stresses or intense usage and where a delicate form, such as the one of the zippers No. 5, is needed; thus excluding the zippers with bigger measurements, such as No. 7, 8 or 10.

The width of the elements for nylon coil zippers with the zipper tape No. 5 K-grade (in millimeters):

Taśma nr 5 - szerokość cząstek

Nylon No. 5 k-grade

Nylon coil no. 5 K-grade zippers are available with following finishes:

zamek-blyskawiczny-rozdzielczy   zamek-blyskawiczny-rozdzielczy-GD   zamek-blyskawiczny-nierozdzielczy   zamek-blyskawiczny-nierozdzielczy-typ-o   zamek-blyskawiczny-nierozdzielczy-typ-x

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RANGE OF COLOURS nylon coil No. 5 K-grade tape:

(Although we make every effort to ensure that the color of the products is as close as possible to the real one, unfortunately depending on the individual settings of the device screen on which the page is displayed, the quality of the matrix and other factors, the color may be differ from the real one. If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us >>)

Sliders and pullers for nylon coil No. 5 K-grade tape:

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