Bogata paleta kolorów taśm i zamków spiralnychTaśmy i zamki, suwadła, rzepy oraz produkty specjalnego przeznaczenia. Krótki czas realizacji zamówień i terminowość dostaw.
We manufacture open-end, closed-end, two-way zippers, as well as specialized zippers used in unusual products, such as ‘O’ type and ‘X’ type

Everyone can find something for themselves among the millions of product configurations in our offer

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THANKS TO THE HIGH-QUALITY MACHINES AND THE LATEST MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, WE CAN OFFER OUR CLIENTS TOP-QUALITY PRODUCTS AT EXCELLENT PRICES AND CUT DOWN THE ORDER COMPLETION TIME. The people are our greatest asset. Our qualified employees with 15 years of service to the company guarantee the high quality of the products and on-time delivery. This is why our products have been chosen by over 400 regular customers.
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About us

YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM MORE THAN 260 COLOURS. We are following the latest trends and continuously expanding our product line by introducing new types of sliders and pulls in different colours. Viva zip has been in business for over 18 years, moreover, the company’s management and the vast majority of…

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Sliders & pullers

Our offer includes a wide range of sliders for zippers and zipper tapes. Slider types: plastic, metal with various galvanic coatings such as nickel, oxide or brass coatings, as well as dark nickel and nickel-free. Sliders are also available with lacquer-coating in a matching colour with the zipper tape and zipper.…

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Tapes & zippers

With a wide range of colours (currently consisting of more than 260 colours), very good availability of the products and quick order completion, Viva zip is a great company to work with. A great variety of the product configurations makes it possible to meet every customer’s needs. We manufacture open-end, closed-end,…

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Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener tape


HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER TAPES Hook and loop tapes are sold on rolls (25 meters in a roll). Our hook and loop tapes are made of nylon and polyester – a high-quality composition which has been tested and valued by our customers. Both hook and loop fastener tape sides can…

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